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To Red…or Not To Red?

Bride with Red LipsIt’s everywhere. It’s bold. It’s beautiful…well, most of the time. Red lipstick. Is this a do or a don’t? In our book, if you want a bold, traffic-stopping look, GO FOR IT! But make sure you do it right.

How to wear red without looking like a little girl caught in Mommy’s make-up drawer:

  • First, find the right red for your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, choose a pink or blue based red. If you have warm undertones, embrace those reds with a bit more orange in them. Pure cherry red is a good universal shade. For neutral undertones or darker undertones – the world is your oyster!
  • To prevent it from wearing off to quickly, outline and fill lips with a good lip pencil.
  • Horror of horrors…it’s feathering! Use a clear lipliner to outline lips first.
  • If you’re not ready to take the plunge with straight up red, try a sheer red until your comfortable going all the way.


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