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Prepping for your Wedding Day

5000107695Most brides are preoccupied with the overwhelming details and timing of their wedding day. They forget to pack the little things or don’t have time to really think about themselves.  So here is a packing list of “your little thing”s that may be overlooked.  I write “your” because there is comfort in the things you are use to seeing, touching or using.  Your skin is a perfect example, you may become sensitive to the body lotion or sunscreen provided by the hotel. The type of pillows may cause you to sleep with your head buried in the them leading to puffy eyes on your wedding day.

Pack your favorite:

Pillow, aromatherapy-lavendar for relaxation, sun hat, eye drops

sunscreen, cleanser, eye makeup remover, moisturizer for face and body,  lip balm

shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, body wash, blowdryer