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Are You Protected?

Rabbit Island off Makapu'u Near Waimanalo, HawaiiSunscreen…it’s the catchword that too many of us put very little importance on. However, it is an essential item in your make-up arsenal – every season of the year. If you don’t protect your skin, you will eventually need to seek correction or trowel on the make-up to cover up the damage.

If you are approaching your special day, particularly if your wedding is here in Hawaii, sunscreen is an absolute must! No one wants to have sunburned photos to show their grandchildren. Make-up alone, even if it claims to have SPF protection, is just not enough. We recommend you use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF under your make-up on special occasions. If you are here on your honeymoon, keep the reapplication going throughout the day if you are sunbathing, sailing, sightseeing – even if it is cloudy outside. Overcast days are one of the most dangerous because we are complacent and so certain that nothing will happen.

Note for those of you who are wondering: The photo above is of Rabbit Island, a popular photo shoot location for brides and other special events. It’s on the east side of Oahu, off Kalanianaole Highway, on the way to Waimanalo. There is a beautiful view of this location from the hike at Makapu’u lighthouse.

To Red…or Not To Red?

Bride with Red LipsIt’s everywhere. It’s bold. It’s beautiful…well, most of the time. Red lipstick. Is this a do or a don’t? In our book, if you want a bold, traffic-stopping look, GO FOR IT! But make sure you do it right.

How to wear red without looking like a little girl caught in Mommy’s make-up drawer:

  • First, find the right red for your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, choose a pink or blue based red. If you have warm undertones, embrace those reds with a bit more orange in them. Pure cherry red is a good universal shade. For neutral undertones or darker undertones – the world is your oyster!
  • To prevent it from wearing off to quickly, outline and fill lips with a good lip pencil.
  • Horror of horrors…it’s feathering! Use a clear lipliner to outline lips first.
  • If you’re not ready to take the plunge with straight up red, try a sheer red until your comfortable going all the way.